Run, Lady


People are always rushing. Always responding to the voice on the overhead speaker. Hurrying in herds, gripping their belongings and holding them close to their torso. Continue reading “Run, Lady”


Blue Line Cogitations


I sat in the very front of the train because I’ve always wanted a full-front view of where we were going as we were getting there. The track laid out ahead of us.

I realized that if there were a derailment or a collision I would be the first to die, but it was the price to pay for the childish thrill of sitting up front Continue reading “Blue Line Cogitations”

Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe is a well-crafted horror/thriller that proves that man scariest “monster” in this genre.

From the film’s opening image that serves as both an establishing shot and a flash forward to the mayhem that will ensue, I was hooked.

Breathtaking cinematography, an eerie score, and excellent performances by Stephen Lang and Jane Levy, Don’t Breathe is a high-tension experience that is undoubtedly worth the trip to the movie theater.