Run, Lady


People are always rushing. Always responding to the voice on the overhead speaker. Hurrying in herds, gripping their belongings and holding them close to their torso. Continue reading “Run, Lady”


Blue Line Cogitations


I sat in the very front of the train because I’ve always wanted a full-front view of where we were going as we were getting there. The track laid out ahead of us.

I realized that if there were a derailment or a collision I would be the first to die, but it was the price to pay for the childish thrill of sitting up front Continue reading “Blue Line Cogitations”

This Is What You Taught Me

You taught me disappointment from expecting too much in a person.

We met up at Roscoe’s after you moved to the city. After you left your sugar daddy in the suburbs for a sugar daddy on the north side. A Lincoln Park sugar daddy that owned an entire three-flat, complete with a garage and a BMW, which you told me all wide-eyes and grinning that he would let you drive.

When you told me this, I momentarily wondered how many fucks would need to transpire before you were allowed behind the wheel of that German automobile.

When you told me this, I pictured you in the driver’s seat with him in the passenger seat, eyeing you and smiling and glowing from having fucked you not even an hour earlier, and you ecstatic solely because you never drove a BMW before.

So we met up at Roscoe’s shortly after you moved and we were standing at the bar, smoking and waiting for our drinks, and you introduced me to someone as your “new best friend,” and the moment you did this I felt a sinking feeling in the core of my being because this was all I would ever be to you.

In the simple and most perfunctory introduction to a person I did not know and would never see again, you established the boundaries of our relationship.