The following is an excerpt from my novel-in-progress, Retribution Principle.




Learned a new word today. Purge.

Father Kozak said the root of this word is the same as the word “Purgatory.” Which, also he said, was where you are right now.

Purgatory. Continue reading “Purge”


Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe is a well-crafted horror/thriller that proves that man scariest “monster” in this genre.

From the film’s opening image that serves as both an establishing shot and a flash forward to the mayhem that will ensue, I was hooked.

Breathtaking cinematography, an eerie score, and excellent performances by Stephen Lang and Jane Levy, Don’t Breathe is a high-tension experience that is undoubtedly worth the trip to the movie theater.


Mile High Trip

Nobody told him that dropping acid at the airport before getting on a two-hour flight from Chicago to Denver would be a bad idea.

Maybe if somebody did, his flight would not have begun with him tripping balls. Drenched in sweat, eyes darting around the cabin with a look of terror while the plane took off from ORD.

Maybe if someone did, his flight would not have ended with him curled into a fetal position across an entire row of seats in the back if the plane during descent. A sassy black flight attendant rocking him in her arms and running her acrylic nails through his wild mane of hair, humming “Amazing Grace” to keep him calm while the plane bounced along the tarmac at DIA.

Big maybe.