Corporate Insensitivity

I have been working in Corporate America for far too long. My soul has long since been compromised.

I cannot remember the last time my mother asked me to come visit and I did not do a quick cost analysis in my head, weighing the price of fuel and time against the perceived value of her company.

When my family tries to decide over a casket for my deceased grandmother, I inquire as to which model is the most “cost effective.”
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Chances Of Dying Are Something Percent

My mother scares me when she drives. She drives like a frightened foreign woman from a country where men subdue women, and her nervousness makes me nervous.

Where we are now is heading north on Manheim Road in her tinfoil-on-wheels Hyundai. Where we are going is O’Hare International Airport.

Hashtag ORD.

I have not flown in 18 years, and all I can think about are television images of commercial airline wreckage scattered across fields like tornado debris. Continue reading “Chances Of Dying Are Something Percent”