Big Trouble in Little China

Chinese takeout for dinner. Garlic chicken.

In the cooking area behind the front counter, a Chinese woman and a Chinese man shout at each other in rapid-fire Mandarin. Continue reading “Big Trouble in Little China”


Miss Marine Biologist



At the laundromat, a flat screen television hangs above the “TOY CHEST,” a sarcophagus-shaped machine of fun, wherein for 50 centsĀ one can maneuver a three-pronged claw to obtain a treasure. Continue reading “Miss Marine Biologist”

Mile High Trip

Nobody told him that dropping acid at the airport before getting on a two-hour flight from Chicago to Denver would be a bad idea.

Maybe if somebody did, his flight would not have begun with him tripping balls. Drenched in sweat, eyes darting around the cabin with a look of terror while the plane took off from ORD.

Maybe if someone did, his flight would not have ended with him curled into a fetal position across an entire row of seats in the back if the plane during descent. A sassy black flight attendant rocking him in her arms and running her acrylic nails through his wild mane of hair, humming “Amazing Grace” to keep him calm while the plane bounced along the tarmac at DIA.

Big maybe.

Mommy’s Little Drunk

At the age of eleven he was ahead of the curve with the drinking. He would mimic what he saw in the movies. It was all he had to go on.

On the television would be some guy had a bad day at the office and hunched over at the bar, staring down at a bourbon like he was having a conversation with it.

He had taken a rocks glass from the cabinet, dropped two large ice cubes in it, and poured the cola. He filled it to a height not taller than the cubes. Just like the movies. Continue reading “Mommy’s Little Drunk”